Load: Samples (Out of Hours)

Liverpool Royal Main Entrance is Located on Prescott Street A57 (Postcode L7 8XP) Fully useable Google Maps right including streetview

Out of Hours the doors are locked and Samples are delivered to a drop box located in the Reception of the Accident and Emergency Department.

Once through the doors with reception in front of you walk to the right wall where there is a sink basin on the wall, Just above that basin is a post box signposted samples drop off,

Once your Item has been posted an alarm will sound and the reception staff will usually acknowldege. A porter will be along to collect it shortly.

If this alarm fails to sound it is important you notify the reception staff so a porter can be called.

Load: Samples (In Hours)

All Samples that go to Liverpool Royal go to the Duncan Building this can be accessed in two ways

Method 1:     Continue Past the Main Entrance as described previously and at the first set of traffic lights turn Left onto Daulby Street, Entrance is on the left. If the Barrier is down, Most Motorbikes including the BMW’s will fit thru the gap to the side, follow the road round to the left and you will see a selection of Motorbikes and Cycles parked up on the right. Park here, Sign above the door says Duncan Building

Go thru the revolving door turn left and follow the corridor around to the right until you reach the lifts. Go to the second floor turn Right out of the lift press the buzzer and be prepared to wait if no one is manning reception. Once thru the doors follow the corridor to the end and turn right follow this corridor until you reach the overhead sign “blood samples”. Door is on the Left samples go into a tray and if required someone at the workstation to the side of it will sign for receipt of goods.

Virology Samples go to the 5th Floor in Exactly the same place. All other samples go to reception which is directly opposite the blood samples room.

Method 2:     Park at the Main entrance on Prescot street, Walk in through the main doors stay right and pass reception till you reach the back wall, Turn right into the corridor and follow this to the end, turn Left and walk past the WRVS Canteen area until you reach a corridor signposted Duncan Building, Turn right and walk across the Bridge into the Duncan Building, Coridoor will turn sharp right and there will be some double doors directly in front of you labelled Haematology (this door is not locked and I have been assured the lock has not worked for nearly 2 years now) through this door, look for the overhead signs, Blood Samples reception is the first or second door on the right,  all other samples to reception which is pretty much opposite on the left.

Load: Blood (Transfusion)

This is in pretty much the same location as the samples only the Transfusion Lab is a little further along the corridor, an Overhead sign will direct you “Transfusion”

Load: Post Bag

Enter LRI through the daulby street Entrance and ride past the Duncan building as per Method 1 above (this is a one way road) road will take you around the outside of the Duncan Building and thru some large Blue Automatic Gates (should be open) there is a loading bay to the Left of you, Park here, walk up the concerete steps but do not go straight thru the door. Instead turn left thru a light blue wooden door to the side of you, Post room is the first window on your right