Load: Milk (Neo Natal unit): Enter the Building through the Main entrance and follow the corridor around to the Left and then once past the emergency admissions follow around to the right, Pass the first set of lifts continue up the corridoor to the second set and take them up to the first floor

Once out of the lift turn left into the Neonatal unit, door is access controlled and you may need to take a step backwards so once youve rang they can see more than just your chest on the camera.

Once through the doors, follow the corridor all the way down until you reach the nurses station / reception desk.

Load: Samples: Main entrance, report to reception desk, filling in the book, reception will request a porter to take the sample to the appropriate Labs

Location: Liverpool Womens Hospital (LWH)

Crown Street, off Upper Parliment Street, Toxteth, Liverpool, L8 7SS