Load: Samples (Path Lab) In Hours: Park on the Pavement outside the Main Entrance, go through the Main Entrance passing the Lifts to a large sign on the wall. Turn Right onto a Long Corridor (the Corridor of Doom) Follow this until the end and you will reach a door labelled Clinical Sciences / Pathology Lab. Buzzer is on the left of the door frame.





Load: Samples (Path Lab) Out of Hours (AKA the Corridor of Doom)

Park in the Ambulance Bay close to the window to give space for other emergency vehicles

Enter through the A&E reception walking through the waiting area through the double doors sign posted X-ray, Follow this Corridor to the end and then turn right onto the Corridor of Doom. Walk the full corridor (318 Meters) Avoiding zombies along the way to the door at the end signposted Clinical sciences / Pathology. A Buzzer is located on the left of the door frame.

A&E Reception




The Corridor of Doom


Load: Milk Delivery (Neo Natal Unit): Neo Natal unit is located within the Wirral Womens & Childrens Hospital a separate building opposite the main entrance. Park on the pavement just to the right of the super-lamb-banana and walk in through the double doors, through the waiting room to a corridor on the right signposted Neo Natal unit, follow this corridor around to the left and then all the way to the end, Neo Natal unit is on the right, you will need to buzz in to gain access.

Location: Arrowe Park Hospital

Arrowe Park is best approached from Junction 3 of the M53, address is: Arrowe Park Rd, Upton, Birkenhead, Wirral CH49 5PE