Merseyside & Cheshire Blood Bikes – Members Resources & Help Page


Firstly, Thank you to all members of the group for your continued support of this great charity!


The What’s App groups can occasionally bring up subjects that members of the group don’t really know the answer to, to try to help you, listed below are telephone numbers for members of the committee who should be able to answer any questions, please text whoever you want to ask the question of first asking if they are available, if they are they will get back to, if not they will let you know when they are available.


Please be aware that MCBB is a Registered Charity, and also a member of the National Blood Bikes group (NABB) so as such there are a fair amount of rules that we must comply with, and also legal requirements that we must comply with, all the points the committee ask for are to ensure we as a group comply with everything we are supposed to! 


Committee Members – Please contact the committee member that you feel would deal with your query best:

  • Chairman – Graham Douglas – 07713 321 113
  • Vice Chairman – Simon Dennett – 07973 292 865
  • Lead Operator – Tiny – 07764 292 662
  • Membership Secretary – Jackie More – 07834 189 821
  • Fleet Manager – Colin Roberts – 07824 444 657
  • Compliance Officer – 
  • Webmaster – 
  • Quartermaster – Les Morris – 07709 320 060



Below you will find links to resources that will save YOU money – Enjoy. Below you will find Useful Help video’s on how to get the most out of our website – Again Enjoy!

Blue Light Card:

  • ONLINE SAVINGS: Save online with hundreds of retailers and venues via our website or mobile app.
  • FREE OF CHARGE: Save £1000’s online and in store and you can register free and start savings online straight away.
  • HIGH STREET SAVINGS: High street discounts available through an optional physical Blue Light Card that can be used in stores, restaurants and venues.


Collect free donations for OUR Blood Bike Group every time you shop the ‘easyfundraising’ way

  1. Shop: From travel to toasters, every time you shop, do it the easyfundraising way

  2. Collect: Help out when you check out – it doesn’t cost you a penny extra

The registration link is here:

Sometimes a different link can be used which results in a further donation for a new registration, but these often expire.

This is our page on easyfundraising:

If there are any bike shops, garages etc that offer discount to Merseyside & Cheshire Blood Bikes let me know and I’ll put details and links here.


Website Sugestions

  • Let me know what you think would be good in the website, if you want to send me photo's etc you can use the file upload button below

On the Home Page is a section called ‘ Latest MCBB News’ 

This will show what’s known as Posts, YOU can create posts.

This video gives you an idea of how to create the posts…… have a go if you need to delete it because you get it wrong that’s not a problem.