Therefore: M62 – M602 becomes A57 Pass Sainsburys on your left, road bears right slighty and becomes the Mancunian way A57M pass Deansgate come off at the NEXT exit signposted Manchester University Hospitals. Slip road drops down beneath the flyover, go straight accross the first roundabout to the second one turning right to follow the signs

Come to a set of traffic lights turn Left onto Booth Street (again its signposted Manchester university Hospitals) its a dual carrigway (so you know your on the correct road) get in the right hand lane because at the next set of lights you need to turn left on to Oxford Road (this isnt signposted, your just going to need to trust me here)

Follow Oxford road past the University and the Manchester Hospitals will appear on your left, ride past the Hospital passing a Greggs Bakery on your right until you hit the traffic lights with Hathersage rd (Poundland directly opposite you)

Turn Left into Hathersage road, and then Left into the Manchester Hospitals complex.

Turn Left again at the Mini Roundabout and then follow the road around to the right until you reach the NHS courrier parking bays, Park beside the Motorcycles and Cycles on the right just past the parking bays.


Enter through the automatic door behind the vans in the above corridor turn left and follow this corridor until you reach an overhead sign labled Visitors reception out of hours you will need to buzz to gain access.
Once through ths door turn left then take the lift to the Virology Lab, Deliver at the Window.
NOTE: Take a Name of who recieves your delivery to avoid having to return if they deny recieving it.

Manchester Royal Infirmary

Manchester City Centre Hospitals are all located in the same complex this is signposted from the M602 onto the Mancunian Way (A57M), Manchester Royal address is Located on Grafton Street, Manchester M13 9WL. However most Sat Nav systems will lead you to a multi-storey car park somewhere near by.

Escape plan: As you will of probably noticed on your way up Oxford road the oncoming traffic was Busses only, So escaping back to the M62 is as much of a pain

Back onto Hathersage road to the lights with the Poundshop (have to turn left unless you are a bus)

Next set of lights Turn right (Whitworth park now on your right) on to Moss Lane, till you reach some traffic lights then turn left onto Llyodd Street, Follow this road avoiding the speed bumps until you cross Booth street again and then back onto the Mancunian Way A57M – M602 – M62 etc