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The MCBB App form can be filled in easily on your phone!

On this you can do:

  • The POWDERS check for marked bikes,
  • Let us know how much fuel you’ve put in a marked bike
  • Let the fleet manager know if there’s a problem with a marked bike
  • Complete the online jobs form.
  • Location finder for all of our locations that we serve with google map link for each

Plus Controllers:

  • You can add new jobs
  • Add new hospitals
  • Job refusal form

Plus there is the:

  • Riders handbook
  • List of members with phone & email
  • Hospital Contacts
  • UK Blood Bike Contacts 
  • An incident report form for anything you need to let the committee know of
  • Fundraising area to input details of how much was raised on an event night

Coming Soon:

Training Area, to include MHRA training, group rider training etc.

How to create a shortcut on an Android phone to this Apps Page

You can put a shortcut direct from your phone to the form by doing the following…… (Thanks Lee for showing me this!)

  1. Bring up the website on your phone.
  2. Go to the form on your phone.
  3. If you are using Google Chrome In the top right corner of google chrome are 3 dots
  4. Click these dots
  5. Then click ”Add to Home screen”

The shortcut to the form will be added to an empty slot on your home screen. I don’t know about other web browsers, if anyone else knows how to do this on an Iphone or any other type of phone please contact me!

That’s it….. please use the “APP” all the time, All Powders checks, Job Runs, Bike faults, Riders Handbook & More