Location: Warrington General Hospital

Load: Samples (Pathology Lab)

Warrington General Hospital is Located on Lovely Lane (WA5 1QG)

If Entering from the Lovely Lane Entrance Stay right and drive past the front entrance & the accident & Emergency Entrance, Road will go around to the left around the perimeter of the hospital. Once around the corner you will pass a temporary white building on your left, immediately after passing it pull into the area behind it signposted Burtonwood wing.

Go thru the Automatic Door and up the stairwell directly in front, once out of the stair well on the first floor turn right and the Pathology Lab reception is directly in front of you (signposted)

Burtonwood Wing

Load: Milk (Neo Natal unit)

Enter the Hospital via the Priestly street entrance and once into the Hospital grounds take the first turn on the left to run past the multi-story car parks, once past the  car parks turn into Croft Wing, Natal & Neo Natal wards are stright thru the door directly in front of you